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Regulation offers many benefits to homeopaths, their patients, and other health professionals:

  • The ability to use the title “Homeopath” and to hold oneself out as a Homeopath.
  • The potential for patients to access insurance benefits for treatment.
  • Interprofessional collaboration and increased potential for delegation to and from other health professionals who will be confident that they are collaborating with regulated professionals.
  • The potential to participate in patient-centred multidisciplinary care facilities.
  • An increased level of professionalism similar to that enjoyed by other health professions.
  • An increased level of consistency for patients.
  • Greater assurance of public protection, leading to greater public awareness and confidence in what homeopaths have to offer.
  • An increased level of patient interest in homeopathy as a treatment option, potentially leading to an increase in the patient population for homeopaths both collectively and individually.


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