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Public Appointees to Council

The appointment of public members to the Council of the College is the responsibility of the Ontario Government, or more specifically, of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, with the process itself being administered by the Public Appointments Secretariat, an agent of the Ontario Government. Selection of an individual for appointment to Council is based on the person's expertise, knowledge and experience. The individual may have clinical or academic expertise in the practice of homeopathy, health professional regulation, and/or the health or public administration sector. Persons with a demonstrated interest or experience in public service may also be appointed. Each is expected to serve in his/her individual capacity rather than as a representative of any organization or any interest/advocacy group to which they may belong. Members may be appointed for a one or two year term. They may be reappointed.

Public members of Council include:

Eden Gajraj
Shirelle Goodman
Mark Heller
Gary Kapelus
Myrna Tulandi
Patricia Wilson

Professional Members

Professional Council members are elected by College Registrants in six geographical districts.

Professional members of Council include:

East: Sanjeev Nayyar
Peel: Anna Cardozo
Toronto: Ananda More
Toronto: Haroula Battista
North: Anna Berger
Southwest: Sajeev Ampadi Veluachary
Ontario: Bhupinder Sharma

Council members elect and/or appoint members to the following Committees and Panels:

Executive Committee
Bhupinder Sharma, President
Eden Gajraj, Vice-President
Anna Cardozo
Mark Heller
Sanjeev Nayyar

Curriculum Assessment Panel
Eden Gajraj
Bhupinder Sharma
plus 7 professional non-Council members:
Alka Dalal
Pat Deacon
William Ellwood
Marilyn Freedman
Savitri Kulkarni
Beth Landau
Abhijit Sen

Governance Panel
Anna Cardozo
Eden Gajraj
Mark Heller

Individual Assessment Panel

Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee
Sajeev Ampadi
Anna Berger
Myrna Tulandi

Quality Assurance Committee
Anna Cardozo
Eden Gajraj
Mark Heller

Registration Committee
Eden Gajraj
Ananda More
Sanjeev Nayyar

Patient Relations Committee
Anna Berger
Eden Gajraj
Mark Heller

Basil Ziv


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