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Registration Forms and Guides

In order to learn more about the process of registration and what to expect as you plan your next steps, read the Guide to Registration.

The requirements listed below are for all applicants who are eligible for registration in Full class.
DO NOT complete complete/submit these requirements until eligibility for Full class registration has been determined.


Online Application

When you are ready to begin, you can access the online portal to log in and submit your application by clicking here.

If you prefer to submit a paper copy of your application to the College, please use the links below to access individual forms:

Form A – Application for Registration in the Full Class
Application Guide for Registration in the Full Class
Application Checklist for Registration in the Full Class

Form B – Certificate of Dean or Principal
Form C – Certificate of Professional Conduct
Form D – Authorization to Release Information
Form E – Statutory Declaration
Form F -- Request for Exemption of Exemptible Registration Requirement
Form G – Credit Card Payment Form

Health Profession Corporations

Guide to Registering and Renewing Health Profession Corporations
Health Profession Corporation Application
Health Profession Corporation Renewal Form
Shareholder Undertaking

Ongoing Practice Hours: 750-Hour Requirement

Ongoing Practice Hours Fact Sheet
REG CS04: Full Class, Breakdown of 750-Hours
Hours Tracking Form Worksheet
Hours Tracking Form Submission Form

Other Forms

2019 Guide to Annual Registration Renewal
Guide to Transferring Classes
Grandparented to Full Class Transfer Request
Inactive Class Transfer
Transfer to Former Class
Additional Certificate Order Form
Change of Registrant Contact Information
Application Withdrawal Form
Resignation Form

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