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The Individual Assessment is a requirement for all applicants who are eligible for registration in Full class.

DO NOT complete the Individual Assessment until eligibility for Full class registration has been determined.


Individual Assessment: Demonstrating skills and knowledge
Every practitioner wishing to register with the College of Homeopaths — that is, everyone who wishes to practise as a homeopath in Ontario — must successfully complete an individual assessment (IA) to demonstrate competence in a range of areas identified as being necessary and relevant to the practice of homeopathy within a regulated environment.

As one of the requirements of registration, applicants must demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively practise homeopathy.

The Applicant Guide is available to download in both Word format and pdf. Get started on the path to becoming a registered homeopath by completing this important prerequisite.

NOTE: Cases must be current within the three years immediately preceding submission of individual assessment materials.

To get started, download these documents:

Fact Sheet: Tips for a Well-Organized Individual Assessment Submission

IA On-line Learning Tool

Fees Related to Individual Assessment, Reassessment and Appeals

Individual Assessment Applicant Guide  
Word format

Individual Assessment Application Form
pdf          Word format

Self-Assessment Form
pdf          Word format

Individual Assessment Consent Form
pdf          Word format

Individual Assessment Request for Review Form
pdf          Word format

On-line IA Application

Who will assess your submission?
Assessors, all experienced subject-matter experts in homeopathy, were engaged by the third-party administrator only after a rigorous process of personal interviews by a panel of Council members and several training sessions including pilot studies. Their identities, and yours, are confidential so that neither party can identify the other.

All of the assessors have demonstrated the following criteria:


  • Has completed a post-secondary program in homeopathy that is equivalent to two full-time academic years plus one clinical year in length, or has successfully completed a program in homeopathy together with other education or training which a panel of the Registration Committee considers, when taken together, to be substantially equivalent to such a program.


  • Must be able to speak, read and write in English and/or French with reasonable fluency and have demonstrated oral and written communication skills;
  • Must have basic computer skills, including the use of basic word processing and email.


  • Currently practises in a patient care environment, providing homeopathy services on a regular basis, either full- or part-time;
  • Has a minimum of seven (7) years of experience in the profession, which may include teaching homeopathy;
  • Has practised homeopathy for a minimum of 750 hours over the course of any three year period;
  • Willing to go through the applicant assessment process prior assuming the role of assessor.


  • Must have a strong and demonstrated sense of professional responsibility and commitment to peer support;
  • Must be able to provide constructive/honest written feedback to the third-party consultant;
  • Must be committed to self-regulation

Entry-to-Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators

Competency Profile for Entry-to-Practice Homeopaths Practising in Ontario

Performance Indicators for Homeopaths Practising in Ontario

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