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The Jurisprudence Course is a requirement for all applicants who are eligible for registration in Full class.
DO NOT complete the Jurisprudence Course until eligibility for Full class registration has been determined.

Jurisprudence Program: Take the first step toward registration by completing the program now.

The purpose of this program is to provide future registrants with a deeper understanding of the requirements to practice in a regulatory environment. This includes a review of the laws, regulations and standards that relate to the practice of homeopathy in Ontario. These materials are designed to ensure that homeopaths understand their legal responsibilities and how they affect day-to-day practice. All applicants for registration with the College, including those educated in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada and in other countries are required to pass the Jurisprudence Program. The successful completion of the Jurisprudence Program is a requirement for registration with the College.

To get started, download and read the following documents:

Jurisprudence: General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Jurisprudence Program Tips

Jurisprudence Manual

When you're ready to begin, access the program here.
(Si vous voulez suivre le cours de jurisprudence en Français, cliquez ici.)

To successfully run and complete all aspects of the Jurisprudence Program, the CHO recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.

Download Chrome here.

Download Firefox here.



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