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Administrative Policies

REG AD 01 Registration Appeals Process and Timelines

REG AD 02 Individual Assessment Appeals Process and Timelines

REG AD 03 Requesting a Registration Record

REG AD 04 Exemptions – 750- Hour Requirement

REG AD 05 Requesting an Exemption

REG AD 06 Documentation

REG AD 07 Audit Process

REG AD 08 Requirement for Email Address

REG AD 09 Timely Notification

REG AD 10 Change of Information to be Provided to the College

REG AD 11 Quality Assurance Referral

REG AD 12 Certificates of Registration, Duplicates, Returns and Displays

REG AD 13 Health Profession Corporations

General Registration Policies

REG GR 01 Language Requirement and English and French Standards

REG GR 02 Criminal Background Check

REG GR 03 Professional Liability Insurance

REG GR 04 Explanation of Completed Application

REG GR 05 Information Required on the Application Form

Class-Specific Policies

REG CS 01 Education and Clinical Practice Requirement Full Class Criteria

REG CS 02 Refresher Program

REG CS 03  Requirement of First Aid and CPR

REG CS 04  Full Class, Breakdown of 750-Hours

REG CS 05  Grandparented Class, Breakdown of 750-Hours

REG CS 06 Grandparented Class Expiration Date

REG CS 07  Grandparented Class Actively Pursuing Full Class

REG CS 08 Substantially Equivalent


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