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2019 Renewal Process

Find the 2019 Renewal Guide here.

The 2019 online renewal form and all necessary documents must be submitted by the renewal deadline of April 1 in order to renew your Certificate of Registration with the College.

Submitting this form and payment after the renewal deadline will result in late fees. Failure to provide information and/or non-payment of fees could lead to suspension of your Certificate of Registration. Annual registration renewal is not considered complete until all mandatory questions are answered and payment of the fee is received.

If you seek to transfer to or from the Inactive Class or resign your registration with the College you must notify the Registration Department as soon as possible. The provincial legislation which governs homeopaths in Ontario does not technically recognize the words “not renewing.” Therefore, in order to comply with this legislation, Registrants must either renew in one of the three registration classes or resign their registration by completing the Resignation Form. Class transfers and resignations follow a separate process and cannot be completed as a part of the Renewal Form. Registrants who do not comply with this legislation will have their Certificate of Registration administratively suspended. The College is required to post all suspensions on the Public Register.

About HealthForceOntario Data Collection

As part of the HealthForceOntario strategy, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is working with all health regulatory colleges, including the College of Homeopaths, to better understand the health-care workforce. Collecting demographic, geographic, educational and employment information from our members will enable the Ministry to develop policies and programs that address overall supply, distribution, education, recruitment and retention for the health-care sector workforce. Many of the questions contained in this renewal form are designed to provide this information to the Ministry. Over 100,000 Ontario regulated allied health professionals provide this information as part of their annual renewal process.

Registrants of the College are required to provide this information under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA). The reliability of the information the College receives depends on your answers. To protect your privacy, the data the College submits to the Ministry is made anonymous prior to submission. The College looks forward to your cooperation in assisting the Ministry with this work.

Quality Assurance Program Requirements Declaration

A Quality Assurance (QA) Program under the Regulated Health Professional Act, 1991 (RHPA) is designed to enhance the practice of all members of the profession by non-punitive means. The RHPA, Procedural Code, s. 1(1) defines “quality assurance program” as “a program to assure the quality of the practice of the profession and to promote continuing evaluation, competence and improvement among the members.”

The CHO QA program is focused on helping registrants improve their practice and ensure that the varying laws and regulations, practice standards and guidelines impacting the profession of homeopathy are implemented in a consistent and appropriate manner. The QA programs in intended to be instructional, not punitive.

Each registrant must participate on an ongoing basis in the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) program. The requirements, listed below, are mandated by RHPA, and the College’s Quality Assurance Regulation (O. Reg. 32/13).

  1. The CHO QA program includes:

     Conducting a self-assessment of one’s competencies (this is a documented self-reflection activity),
     Completing a learning plan, and
     Participating in a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education and professional development each year.

Additionally, each registrant may undergo a Peer and Practice Assessment (PPA) with a QA Assessor assigned by the College. PPA is intended to ensure registrants are continuing to maintain their professional knowledge, skill and judgment and to provide registrants with specific guidance to address any deficiencies noted.

One step in administering the program requires all registrants to complete a statutory declaration as part of their annual registration renewal with the CHO. Through this declaration, registrants confirm that they understand the requirements of the QAP and their responsibility to participate in the program. This declaration is part of the online renewal process and must be completed online at the time of renewal, but the declaration may also be done in paper form, signed and mailed to the College. Please print clearly.

Ongoing Practice Hours Fact Sheet

The College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO or the College) requires registrants to maintain ongoing practice hours. This requirement helps registrants maintain their competence on a continuing basis. Competence is demonstrated not just by knowing how to practice, but through consistently doing the right things every time. It is also about understanding what you know about practicing homeopathy in Ontario, recognizing what you don’t know, and taking steps to increase or improve your knowledge, skill and judgment. Competence applies to clinical, theoretical, ethical, and regulatory compliance areas of
your practice.

The requirement of 750 hours over every three year period is a continuous and ongoing requirement and can be reviewed on an annual basis and in three-year cycles. Starting in 2019 you will be required to report on your practice activities in the past 12-months. Though the records audit process and Quality Assurance (QA) Program the College may also ask you to provide proof of your actual hours over any three-year period since you become registered with the College. The hour requirement is important to uphold and adhere to. The College has the power to grant some flexibility for registrants who do
not or cannot achieve this level of practice. The College uses this discretion provided the registrant maintains his/her competence and professional knowledge, skill and judgment. The College reviews each registrant’s practice situation on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on this process, check out the Ongoing Practice Hours Fact Sheet.

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