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Professional Practice Standards and Guidelines

1 Standard on Accepting New Patients

 2 Standard on Communicating a Homeopathic Assessment

 3 Standard on Compounding

 4 Standard on Concurrent Treatment

 5 Standard on Accepting Delegation of a Controlled Act

 6 Standard on Advertising

 7 Standard on Discontinuing Professional Services and Refusing Treatment

 8 Standard on Dual Registration

 9 Standard on Fees and Billing

10 Standard on Informed Consent

11 Standard on Leaving a Practice

12 Standard on Mandatory Reporting – Patient Care

13 Standard on Homeopathic Prescription

14 Standard on Principles of Professional Ethics

15 Standard on Scope of Practice

16 Standard on Therapeutic Relationships and Professional Boundaries

17 Standard on Competence

18 Standard on Medical Emergency Preparedness

19 Standard on Vaccination

 1 Guideline on Record Keeping and Privacy of Information

 2 Guideline on Electronic Communication and Social Media

 3 Guideline on Inter-Professional Collaboration

 4 Guideline on Title and Credential

 5 Guideline on Patient Communication and Physical Examination

 6 Guideline on Infection Control

 1 Interpretative Guide on Professional Conflict of Interest

Entry-to-Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators

Competency Profile for Entry-to-Practice Homeopaths Practising in Ontario

Performance Indicators for Homeopaths Practising in Ontario

Profil des compétences d’admission à la profession des homéopathes exerçant en Ontario


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